Admissions- Waiting List

Waiting List

Students' names will be placed on the waiting list for the current registration year when the grade to which they are seeking admission has enrollment at capacity. Students are considered for placement on a waiting list according to the following priorities:

  • their family are members of Holy Family Parish and registered at the time they moved into the parish, but their children were unable to be admitted because of lack of classroom space.
  • their family has moved into the parish and their children are coming from other Catholic schools and/or with their first child entering school.
  • their family has been living in the area, but registered only at the time when their children were ready to enter school.

Decisions regarding the admission of students to Holy Family School will be based upon these guidelines, interviews with parents, and consultation with previous school administrators and teachers. The Pastor/Administrator of Holy Family Parish and the school principal are responsible for the application of these guidelines and the final decision on the admission of any student.

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