School Policies- Care of Students with Diabetes Policy


Holy Family School is committed to ensuring that each student enrolled who as diabetes receives appropriate and needed diabetes care in accordance with an order signed by the student’s treating physician.

The diabetes care to be provided includes any of the following:

  1. checking and recording blood glucose levels and ketone levels or assisting the student with checking and recording these levels;
  2. responding to blood glucose levels that are outside of the student’s target range;
  3. in the case of severe hypoglycemia, administering glucagon and other emergency treatments as prescribed;
  4. administering insulin or assisting the student in self-administering insulin through the insulin delivery system the student uses;
  5. providing oral diabetes medications;
  6. understanding recommended schedules and food intake for meals and snacks in order to calculate medication dosages pursuant to the student’s physician’s order;
  7. following the physician’s instructions regarding meals, snacks, and physical activity; and
  8. administering diabetes medication, as long as the conditions described below are satisfied.

Within fourteen (14) days after the school receives an order signed by the student’s physician, the school will inform the student’s parent or guardian that the student may be entitled to a Accommodation Plan regarding the student’s diabetes.

Diabetes medication may be administered by the nurse.

A student’s diabetes medication will be kept in an easily accessible location.

A student with diabetes will be permitted to attend to his or her diabetes care and management, in accordance with the student’s physician’s order, during regular school hours and school sponsored activities only if:

  1. the student’s parent or guardian provides a written request that the student be permitted to attend to his or her diabetes care and management while at school; and
  2. the student’s physician has authorized such self-care and determined that the student is capable of performing diabetes care tasks.
  3. A student with diabetes is permitted to perform diabetes care tasks in a classroom, in any area of the school or school grounds, and at any school-related activity. The student must have access to a private area for performing diabetes care tasks if the student or the student’s parent or guardian makes such a request.

A student with diabetes is permitted to possess on the student’s self at all times all necessary supplies and equipment to perform diabetes care tasks. If the student performs any diabetes care tasks or sues medical equipment for purposes other than the student’s own care, the school will revoke the student’s permission to attend to the care and management of the student’s diabetes.

The school will provide training in the recognition of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia, and actions to take in response to emergency situations involving these conditions, to a school employee who has primary responsibility for supervising a student with diabetes during some portion of the school day.

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