School Advisory Committee


The Holy Family School Advisory Committee (SAC), established by the Pastor, shall have its primary concern supporting the Pastor and Principal in the spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, and social development of the students. The Committee, operating under the authority of the Pastor, shall concern itself with matters pertaining to the general excellence of Catholic Education at Holy Family School.

Working in close collaboration with the Principal of the school, the SAC shall recommend policies and give guidance that will enable the school to reach its goals.  These goals will be related, but not limited to, the overall goals determined by the Ohio Catholic School Accrediting Association accreditation process, those established by the Office of Catholic Education and the parish goals established by the Parish Pastoral Council.

Since the Pastor, under the authority of the Bishop and Canon Law, is responsible for the administration of the Parish, the recommendations of the School Advisory Committee are subject to the approval of the Pastor.  The role of the School Advisory Committee is advisory only. It is not a decision making entity.

To submit a concern, please email [email protected]


Mrs. Kathy Gregrich Teacher Representative
Mr. Bill Hauck Alumni Parent Representative
Mrs. Chris Krinsky Teacher Representative
Mr. Rob Kubick Parent Representative
Mr. Tim McGrath Parent Representative
Mrs. Doreen Osmun Alumni Parent Representative
Mrs. Cathy Reeves Alumni Parent Representative
Mrs. Missy Wells Alumni Parent Representative
Miss Mary Ellen Yeager Retired Teacher Representative
Dr. Ron Thompson Parent Representative
Mr. Brian Doss Parent Representative
Mrs. Heather Hawk Frank Principal