School Policies- Aids Policy


Children with Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) enrolled or seeking enrollment in Grades 1 - 8 shall be permitted to attend school or parish religious education programs in a regular classroom setting if:

  1. the health of the child, as documented by his/her physician, allows participation in regular academic school activities, and
  2. the child behaves acceptably, in a manner that would not cause spread of the disease or in any way put others at risk, and
  3. the child does not have open sores, skin eruptions or any other condition which prevents his/her control of bodily secretions, and
  4. there are periodic evaluations of the child's physical condition with written certification from his/her physician allowing continuing participation in regular academic school activities.

In Parish Elementary Schools, the Pastor and the Principal will confer with the appropriate persons and consult with the Regional Superintendent before the Pastor makes the final decision on each case in the parish school. Parents and guardians have the obligation to report to the school administration when any child has been diagnosed as having AIDS, ARC (AIDS Related Complex) or other illness caused by HIV (human deficiency virus, the virus that causes AIDS, also known as HTLVIII or LAV). In order to protect confidentiality when a child with AIDS is admitted to school, personnel who are made aware of the child's condition will be the minimum necessary to assure proper care of the child. Based on the condition of the child and the expected type of interaction with others, the Principal, after consultation with the proper authorities, may limit the child's participation in school activities. A student with AIDS who is excluded from school shall be provided with an alternative means of catechetical instruction.

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