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Fr. Paul Rosing Pastor [email protected]
Fr. Andy Gonzalez Parochial Vicar [email protected]
Mrs. Heather Hawk Frank Principal [email protected]
Mrs. Kristen Schell School Secretary [email protected]
Mrs. Veronica Dixon Administrative Associate [email protected]
Mrs. Katrine Franklin Admissions Coordinator [email protected]
Mrs. Michelle Kightlinger Pre-Kindergarten [email protected]
Mrs. Renee Hanlon Pre-Kindergarten Aide [email protected]
Ms. Ashley Jaber Pre- K [email protected]
Mrs. Cheryl Snyder Pre-Kindergarten Aide [email protected]
Mrs. Mary Haubert Pre-Kindergarten [email protected]
Mrs. Kristen Myers Pre-Kindergarten Aide [email protected]
Mrs. Kimberly Eadeh KA [email protected]
Mrs. Denise Clay KB [email protected]
Mrs. Tara Haffner Kindergarten Aide [email protected]
Mrs. Jodi Haught


[email protected]
Mrs. Marnie Tondra 1B [email protected]
Mrs. Anna Skinner 2A [email protected]
Mrs. Sharon Alberta 2B [email protected]
Mrs. Kristen Rizzo 3A [email protected]
Mrs. Pam Zaccari 3B [email protected]
Mrs. Teresa Pastor 4A [email protected]
Mrs. Vicki Trego 4B [email protected]
Mrs. Kathy Gregrich 5A [email protected]
Mrs. Dawn Burke


[email protected]
Mrs. Melissa Torisky 6A [email protected]
Mrs. Rhonda Wilson 6B [email protected]
Mrs. Mary Kay Tokash 7A [email protected]
Mrs. Elizabeth Grayson 7B [email protected]
Mrs. Stephanie Collins 8A [email protected]
Mr. Mark Torisky 8B [email protected]
Mrs. Noris Hale Science Lab/ Spanish [email protected]
Mrs. Chris Krinsky Library/ Media [email protected]
Mrs. Allison O'Donnell Computer Lab/ Visual Arts [email protected]
Mr. Jim Coudriet Physical Education [email protected]
Mrs. Chelsea Alderson Choral Music [email protected]
Mrs. Janeace McClusky ASL [email protected]
Mrs. Debbi Berardi IS [email protected]
Ms. Caitlin Cade Clinic [email protected]
Mrs. Karen Matusicky Cafeteria [email protected]
Mrs. Kelly Brooke Recess Monitor and Floating Aide [email protected]
Mrs. Julie Strand Speech Pathologist [email protected]
Mrs. Allison Robertson School Psychologist [email protected]
Mrs. Mary Czerwin Guidance Counselor [email protected]
Mrs. Becky Hennigin Textbook Clerk [email protected]
Mrs. Marley Fagin Title/ Tutor [email protected]