M.O.M.S. Ministry

In the year 2000, Holy Family School organized a new ministry — a ministry to the suffering. It is our hope to provide support, compassion, comfort, and prayer in the form of service to any school family in crisis. A family's needs may be related to illness, death of a family member hospitalization, loss of employment, or other difficult or unexpected hardship.

MOMS Ministry

M.O.M.S. will be organized throughout the school by designating one Room Activity Organizer (R.A.O.) per room to work directly with the classroom teacher as the "ministry mom." Their role will be to communicate a need from their classroom to the ministry. M.O.M.S. will ask for support from other families in that grade. It is our goal to provide aid to any family that is struggling with the burdens of unforeseen circumstances.

Holy Family is blessed with many very generous parents and children; you will ensure this ministry's success.