Holy Family Kindergarten is an exciting place to learn!

The focus of the Kindergarten program at Holy Family School is on the needs and development of the whole child: spiritually, academically, physically, emotionally and socially. The Kindergarten program is effective in its design and considers the varying levels of development that exist in young children. The children are fostered to grow, learn and thrive using their God given abilities.

Holy Family School incorporates the core Diocesan Kindergarten curriculum plus the resources of music, art, library, computers, Spanish and physical education as part of the learning experiences.

Spiritual Development

Spiritual development begins with a love for Jesus. The daily classroom experience is enriched by Jesus’ love. The children develop an awareness of what is right and what is not right as they learn to love Jesus and respect the world God created. Actively involved in the development of their faith through participation in weekly and holy day Masses, daily prayers, songs & faith experiences, as well as, community service projects the children develop life-lasting Christian attitudes and habits.

Program Overview

Holy Family Kindergarten is an exciting place to learn, discover and experience beginning reading and math concepts. The children enjoy a literacy based classroom with numerous hands-on activities, use of math manipulatives, student directed science experiments and art projects which enhance their learning experiences.

Language and Literacy Development

Language development involves speaking, listening, writing and reading. Our students experience the joy of reading while they learn the foundational strategies and skills that will enable them to read independently. The Kindergarten students learn the enabling skills of phonemic awareness: letter names, sound-letter correspondences, decoding skills, high frequency vocabulary, and comprehension skills. The children have the opportunity to:

  • listen to and join in the reading of stories, songs, poems
  • respond to stories through discussion, drama, art, music and movement
  • work on projects collaboratively with other children
  • explore letters, sounds & words
  • blend letter sounds into words
  • experiment with writing by drawing, tracing and copying
  • browse through a variety of self-selected books
  • dictate stories
Mathematical and Scientific Development

Kindergarten students will acquire an understanding of mathematics and science through repeated experiences using concrete, manipulative material. Scientific and mathematical development occurs when children have opportunities to:

  • sort and classify
  • count
  • match
  • measure
  • solve problems
  • recognize numerals
  • become aware of time intervals and spatial relationships
  • develop number concepts
  • explore, question, observe, predict, discuss the world around them
Holy Family Quick Facts
  • Before and After School Care Program
  • Full-day Kindergarten
  • Kindergarten students wear uniforms
  • Playground with large play structure including 3 slides
  • Daily morning and afternoon recess
  • Hot lunch program available in cafeteria with monthly lunch selection calendar
  • Daisies Scouts and Boy Scouts clubs are offered
  • Transportation/Bussing to school from surrounding communities
  • Computer Lab with computer for each student
  • Annual school retreat
  • Quarterly Christian Leader award
  • Two off-site field trips per school year
  • Remedial service available