Staff Member: Mr. Mark Torisky

Staff Member: Mr. Mark Torisky

Mr. Mark Torisky

Middle School Teacher - 8B
Phone: 330-688-6412
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Educational Background: B.A. Secondary Education, Social Studies, University of Akron

Favorite Saint: Saint Matthias. In the aftermath of the Crucifixion he was chosen by the remaining 11 Apostles to take the place of Judas. I took his name at my Confirmation.

Hobbies: Being involved with my sons' activities as much as possible, golf, exercise.

Favorite Place Traveled To: Anywhere that I have traveled with my wife. We've been to many exciting and interesting places together, both with and without our boys, but one location doesn't stand out above the rest. The best thing about traveling is our being together, sharing the journey, discovering new, interesting and fun places, and making memories that we'll enjoy for the rest of our lives.

Favorite School Subject: I have always loved history. During my school years, I studied World War II and the Vietnam War extensively and built my historical frame of reference around those two time periods. Since my interest lay in history, those classes usually came pretty easily to me and I generally was successful in them. I have since applied the lessons learned about both the material and my teachers (positive and negative) in my own teaching.

Describe Your Favorite Memory at Holy Family School: When my older son, Cian, was just a couple of months old I was brand new at Holy Family. While on maternity leave, my wife brought him into school one day and I taught my Science class holding him the entire time. He never stirred. Equally, I have loved being able to watch my sons grow up here at Holy Family and have been blessed to see them on a daily basis in their classrooms, interacting with their friends, and growing into young men.

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