Staff Member: Mrs. Dawn Burke

Staff Member: Mrs. Dawn Burke

Mrs. Dawn Burke

5th Grade Teacher - 5B
Phone: 330-688-6412
Email: Click Here to Email

Educational Background: High School Diploma from Elyria Catholic, Bachelor's in Elementary Education from Bowling Green State University, and Master's in Hearing-Impaired from Bowling Green State University

Favorite Saint: St Francis of Assisi is my favorite saint because I am an animal lover and he is the patron saint of animals.

Hobbies: Reading, sports, spending time with my family.

Favorite Place Traveled to and Why: My favorite travel destination is Hawaii because of all the beautiful scenery and the laid back atmosphere of the island.

Favorite School Subject and Why: I loved reading in school because I am an avid reader.

Describe Your Favorite Memory at Holy Family School: My favorite memory at Holy Family is at the end of the year we read Hatchet and do a Survivor theme with it. The kids participate in Survivor challenges, and it's always fun to watch the kids get goofy and be willing to try anything to earn those points for their teams.

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