Staff Member: Mrs. Angely Fernandez

Staff Member: Mrs. Angely Fernandez

Mrs. Angely Fernandez

Spanish Teacher
Phone: 330-688-6412 ext. 359
Email: Click Here to Email

Educational Background: Bachelor's in Education (Cum Laude)

Favorite Saint: Saint Jude because is someone to go to in time of desperation.

Hobbies: Anything that involves arts and crafts.

Favorite Place Traveled to and Why: Going back to my country, the Dominican Republic, is and always will be my favorite destination.

Favorite School Subject and Why: Language Arts (Reading, Spanish and Spelling) Being able to communicate with other correctly has always been one of my goals.

Describe Your Favorite Memory at Holy Family School: The warm welcome of the entire Holy Family Staff & Faculty...the sense of belonging! And let's not forget about students. They have made this new journey so much more worthwhile.

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