Staff Member: Mr. Nick Fiedler

Staff Member: Mr. Nick Fiedler

Mr. Nick Fiedler

6th Grade Teacher -7B
Phone: 330-688-6412
Email: Click Here to Email

Educational Background: B.A. English / Education from John Carroll University

Favorite Saint: My favorite Saint is Saint Nicholas for a few reasons. First because we share a name, and second because I have always found the stories of his kindness to those less fortunate something to aspire to and emulate in my own life.

Hobbies: Running road races, reading for pleasure, writing for fun, going to concerts or any kind of live music.

Favorite Place Traveled to and Why: My favorite place I have traveled to is Savannah, GA because the area is beautiful and holds a rich history (that has made its way into books and other literature!).

Favorite School Subject and Why: English! I love reading and creating texts, analyzing them, picking them apart and trying to derive meaning from them. I love how when you study literature there is not just one answer, but many experiences of a text and a multitude of ways to show others how you understand it.

Describe Your Favorite Memory at Holy Family School: My favorite HFS memory has to be my first day as a teacher. I went to HFS for grades K-8 but nothing felt as great or exciting as coming back through those middle school doors to meet my students for the first time.

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