Staff Member: Mrs. Kathy Gillen

Staff Member: Mrs. Kathy Gillen

Mrs. Kathy Gillen

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
Phone: 330-688-6412
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Educational Background: B.S.Education University of Akron

Favorite Saint: Saint Anthony is my go to saint for ALL of the lost items I amass.

Hobbies: Travel, reading, gardening

Favorite Place Traveled To: I have been blessed with the opportunity to travel to many wonderful places. Italy, France and Spain are favorites because of the many memories I made with my travel companions. Poland is the land from which my grandparents all immigrated and my best friend was adopted from. I traveled with her to see her birthplace and it was a truly amazing experience. Hawaii was breathtaking and special as well. I would have to say that every journey was special because of the memories made with the people I was with.

Favorite School Subject: Anything home economics relates as I enjoy the field.

Describe Your Favorite Memory at Holy Family School: Holy Family has been a part of my life since I was 8 years old. I attended here, my children too, and now I am fortunate enough to work here. I have many fond memories but always loved the childhood ones I hold. Eighth grade dances, Sr. Rosemary, Mr. Heinl, working as a sacristy cleaner - sweeping the flies in the baptismal font, laying out the vestments, and going in the "secret" attic are still great memories so many years later.

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